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About shikkhapedia.com

Welcome to Shikkhapedia.com, your number one source for all things news. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of news, with a focus on education news.

Founded in 2020 by Md. Abu Naser Somon, Shikkhapedia.com has come a long way from its beginnings in Cumilla. When Md. Abu Naser Somon first started out, his passion for serve good news drove them to quit the day job, do tons of research, etc. so that Shikkhapedia.com can offer you Well news. We now serve customers all over the country and are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into Our own website.

We hope you enjoy our News as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Widely praised for the best expectations of polished skill, uprightness, and moral news-casting, shikkhapedia.com is the first-of-its-sort adventure, being the primary Internet-just newsgathering activity in Bangladesh and one of the first on the planet.

The day in and day out news distributer draws on the assets of more than 10 columnists and picture takers around Bangladesh and past. For longer than 6 months at this point, it has carried exact news and novel experiences to a generally scattered crowd.

It had started essentially as a news organization with a couple of customers in the print and communicate industry. The bilingual news administration immediately developed to be the world’s window on Bangladesh. The numbers continued changing for the supplier of basic news, data, investigation, and remark – with a huge number of one of kind guests going to the site.

Back to the point where it all began, the takeover ended up being the ideal chance to rebrand what had begun as shikkhapedia.com – a news organization administration conveyed on the web, a business that had gotten hard to continue for the first authors.

Months after the fact, its substance was opened to open for nothing, procuring it the now-renowned mark ‘Bangladesh’s online paper’.

Md. Abu Naser Somon, as Editor-in-Chief, set up another group of experienced, gifted, and technically knowledgeable experts from over the editorial range. one years in, the group keeps on improving, lead, and set new principles for the computerized age.

Every now and again posed inquiries about shikkhapedia.com

Is shikkhapedia.com a news office or a paper?

In spite of the fact that shikkhapedia.com started fundamentally as an office, it is presently basically a paper distributed on the Internet, while various national and neighborhood papers buy into shikkhapedia.com’s news administration. So it’s both. Most by far of the shikkhapedia.com entryway is anyway totally open and allowed to the general population, aside from a little center of premium substance (counting some sound and video).

Is shikkhapedia.com politically adjusted?

shikkhapedia.com endeavors to precisely report occasions as they happen, portraying the proper setting and pertinent foundation data. shikkhapedia.com’s essential center is to teach, educate, engage, and, most importantly, move its perusers.

Does shikkhapedia.com have an article predisposition?

shikkhapedia.com sole article predisposition is towards sound, clear, reasonable, coherent, very much contended and effective substance.

What is shikkhapedia.com’s arrangement on online remarks and input?

shikkhapedia.com never blue pencils or alters online remarks and input – with the exception of if these veer off from the theme or are close to home assaults.

What is the degree of shikkhapedia.com overall readership?

shikkhapedia.com’s readership is for all intents and purposes for the whole world. Google Analytics has followed shikkhapedia.com guests from 235 nations and regions over the world.

How is shikkhapedia.com ‘Bangladesh’s most legitimate news source’?

shikkhapedia.com is the goal of the decision during seasons of emergency or when a significant story breaks. On these occasions, shikkhapedia.com readership has been known to significantly increase, leaving different news entryways following afterward. It is a dictum for “what is truly occurring on the ground” in Bangladesh.

What are shikkhapedia.com’s center qualities?

shikkhapedia.com’s qualities are viewed as its dependability, unwavering quality, and legitimacy. While being eminent for its speed of news gathering and distribution – shikkhapedia.com is likewise generally known to offer need to validness over speed.

What lies behind shikkhapedia.com’s ongoing drop in Alexa rankings comparative with some different news suppliers?

Alexa traffic gauges and positions depend on its “board of toolbar clients” which are planned to be “an example of all Internet clients”. In any case, the reason for test determination isn’t revealed, though it is plainly unthinkable for their system to guarantee test conveyance reasonably reflects Internet clients by locale, nation, and Web utilization.

Maybe the significant blemish in Alexa’s methodology undoubtedly is that Alexa’s dependence on information from the individuals who have Alexa toolbars introduced on their gadgets speaks to not just a minuscule bit of worldwide Internet clients yet additionally comprises a totally arbitrary example of clients and undertakings a slanted picture.

How does shikkhapedia.com contrast itself with other Bangladeshi news activities?

Each media source has its quality. shikkhapedia.com, as it has been making careful effort to stress, has gained notoriety for conveying ‘the bona fide variant’ reliably quicker than its rivals. Declaration to its situation as the news site of the decision in Bangladesh is the quantity of guests shikkhapedia.com draws during the time contrasted with different news suppliers.

As indicated by the Analytics figures, Prothom Alo has had a reliably lower readership than shikkhapedia.com. In any case, again bore witness to by Google Analytics, during significant occasions and on the occasion of political emergencies shikkhapedia.com’s traffic increments drastically as a generous extra piece of Bangladesh’s online readership goes to the entryway: shikkhapedia.com ongoing traffic is twofold, some of the time even triple, that of Prothom Alo.

Where is shikkhapedia.com based?

Master Mansion, 1st Floor, Cumilla-Shylet Highway, Kangshanagar, Burichang, Cumilla-3531, Bangladesh.